[mono-vb] Mono-vb on XBox 360?

Dennis Hayes dennisdotnet at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 00:20:45 EDT 2008

Using Microsoft's XNA toolkit, you can create games for Windows and the XBox 360 using C#.
If you use it to create a game using VB.NET, it will run on Windows, but not on the XBox 360 because the XBox 360 only has the compact framework, and MS VB.NET makes calls to the .NET Framework that are not included in the compact edition.
Any clue if VBNC executables will run on the XBox?
Or if a version of it could be made that would (VBXNA?)?
There are a lot of people out there that really want to use VB to develop games for the XBox, and if we could arrange for that to happen, it might generate some really good PR.
I would be willing to help with such a project, but would probably need a lot of help from someone who has experience with VBNC.
I know at some point there was a MonoXNA project, but I think that died??
MonoXNA also involved installing Mono on the XBox which a lot of people would not want to do, and might run into copyright issues.
This came to me as I was reading a book on XNA game programming, and is a vague concept/idea, so I am open to all comments, suggestions, and ideas.


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