[mono-vb] VBNC and .NET Framework

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 17:33:36 EDT 2008

> Do VBNC-compiled binaries depend on the .NET Framework to work?

The short answer is yes, the same is true for C#. The long answer is 
that they need a runtime that can be Mono as well.

C# was designed for .NET Framework so it's runtime library is the Class 
Library (i.e. has no specific runtime library). All other languages 
usually have their own runtime libraries. VB.NET has 
Microsoft.VisaulBasic.dll and Mono has an open source implemenation of that.

Depending on the deployment system you use you may need to install 
mono-basic (or equivalent) package but Mono supports VB.NET out of the box.


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