[mono-vb] Label Forecolor & BackColor Server Error

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Tue Jul 22 12:00:42 EDT 2008


> Hi I am new to Mono.
> I am using Mono for deploying my windows developed .Net Aspx web
> application
> to Linux box. My Linux PC having RedHat9+Mono-1.2.4+ Apache-
> 2.0.40+mod_mono-1.2.4.  I am trying to deploy my Asp.Net Web
> application
> (which having text box list box components) its working fine. And I am
> trying to add one label with ForeColor & BackColor after deploying in
> PC its also working fine. And Now I am  trying to deploy same application
> my Embedded Box which running linux-2.4.20-8 +mod_mon-1.2.4.+ Mono-1.2.4 +
> Apache 2.2.8 its NOT working. 

Exactly what happens? Do you get errors? Terminal output?

Anyways mono 1.2.4 is pretty old.


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