[mono-vb] AP.net - Compilation error if Button on the page

Nick Jolin njolin at cvikota.com
Tue Feb 12 14:07:23 EST 2008

I am successfully running:

Ubuntu 7.10 Server edition


Mono 1.2.6

Mod_mono_1.2.6 compiled from source


I can get a ASP.net vb website to display correctly if there are no
webcontrols on the page.  I can successfully call out to Mysql and return
data to a datagrid or response, but as soon as I put a button on the page,
and try to run, I get a compilation error:


(0,0) : error VBNC_CRASH: Visual Basic.Net Compiler version
Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Rolf Bjarne Kvinge. All rights reserved.

/tmp/www-data-temp-aspnet-0/304e7d8b/15ead3c4.0.vb (12,18) : Warning
VBNC99998: Option Strict Off will probably fail.
Error : VBNC99999: Unexpected error: Cannot cast from source type to
destination type.
at vbnc.EventMemberSpecifier.ResolveCode (vbnc.ResolveInfo Info) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.Helper.ResolveCodeCollection (IEnumerable Collection,
vbnc.ResolveInfo Info) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.BaseList`1[vbnc.EventMemberSpecifier].ResolveCode (vbnc.ResolveInfo
) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.HandlesClause.ResolveCode (vbnc.ResolveInfo Info) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.HandlesOrImplements.ResolveCode (vbnc.ResolveInfo Info) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.SubDeclaration.ResolveCode (vbnc.ResolveInfo Info) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.Helper.ResolveCodeCollection (IEnumerable Collection,
vbnc.ResolveInfo Info) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.BaseObjects`1[vbnc.IMember].ResolveCode (vbnc.ResolveInfo )
at vbnc.TypeDeclaration.ResolveCode (vbnc.ResolveInfo Info) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.ClassDeclaration.ResolveCode (vbnc.ResolveInfo Info) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.AssemblyDeclaration.ResolveCode (vbnc.ResolveInfo Info) [0x00000] 
at vbnc.Compiler.Compile_Resolve () [0x00000] 
at vbnc.Compiler.Compile () [0x00000] 
Compilation took 00:00:03.3108420


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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