[mono-vb] Installing mono-vb on OSX Leopard

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Fri Feb 15 18:31:12 EST 2008

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>Hi All,
>I read somewhere, a blog post I think, that the mono vb compiler doesn't
support partial classes. 

The mono vb compiler (vbnc) supports partial classes.
>Does this explain why when I try to compile an asp.net + vb page with
codebehind I get, to paraphrase: vbnc: Error (Line 0): object reference not
set to instance of an object?  

This is a crash in the compiler.

>If so, any workarounds? If not, any suggestions? 

File a bug or send me a small test case I can use to reproduce the crash :)

>Thanks in advance!
>PS: I'm trying to prove (by virtuous example) in a Web Application
Development class using asp.net and vb (text = sams asp.net unleashed) that
it can be done with mono. The single page aspx files seem to work fine, but
the >codebehind pages are giving me an error.

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