[mono-vb] New to mono basic (vbnc) need help compiling source.

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Wed Dec 31 07:09:57 EST 2008

> Hi,
> > Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion, but still no joy! I
> > should have mentioned I'm using SuSE Linux and not Mono on Microsoft
> > What I was trying to do was convert the C# TinyGecko example into a
> > Mono Basic TinyGecko example.
> > The problem comes in compiling the code, where the C# example you would
> > just use "mcs GeckoTest.cs -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0 -pkg:gecko-sharp-2.0', and
> > your done, but the MonoBasic Compiler which has changed to "vbnc" is
> > giving me fits!!! I've tried just about every combination I can think
of, from
> > using the "/r:$MONODIR" switch to the "-libpath" directive, now I'm
> > just lost as to what to do. I even tried the other suggestion above with
> > simple "vbnc Voyager1.vb" (again-- No Joy!).
> >
> > Could one of you copy this code and see if you can get it to compile,
> > because if you can then I need to retrace my install path, and possibly
> > delete then re-install MonoBasic!
> It crashes here, looks like you found a bug in vbnc. I'll have a look.

I fixed the bug causing the crash (you wrote "Gtk.Stock.GoFoward" instead of

The code still isn't valid VB code (as I've explained in the bug report you
filed) - you need to move the declarations to the module level, in which
case the code compiles and executes.


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