[mono-vb] example solutions to rebuild?

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Tue Dec 16 11:34:40 EST 2008


> I'm very new to VB.Net, mono, and coding in generally. I am looking for
> some example VB.Net solutions that I can work with to rebuild and get a
> for monodevelop and vbnc. My end goal is to know enough to assist an
> existing VB.Net application to build and run with mono/linux that uses
> winforms/GDI+.

You should be able to open any VS solution in MonoDevelop and build it.

> So far everything I have found and tried to compile through monodevelop
> has failed either initially from a lack of the System.Deployment assembly.

Except for this: VS adds a reference to System.Deployment which almost
nobody uses and mono doesn't have. Just remove the reference from the
project (if that causes errors in VS then you'll have to fix those first in

> If I run on the command line and remove the -r:System.Deployment, I get
> errors of different types.

Generally speaking if it builds with VS and it doesn't on mono, it's a bug.
In any case it's hard to say unless you include compiler output/errors.

>  I would like to confirm that I can build a project,

Yes, you should be able to.

It's however hard to tell more unless you give more information (what's the
errors in MonoDevelop / command line?, which versions of MonoDevelop / vbnc
are you using?)


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