[mono-vb] Contribute to VB.Net Mono

Andy Hume andyhume32 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 29 05:24:16 EDT 2007

Speaking only as a user of the Mono project, here's my view.  The best
way to contribute just now will be to use it!  Simple as that...  Find
what works and what doesn't and create bug reports.

Or in longer form...  Take any programs you have from VB.NET on Windows
and use them on Mono (on Linux), and that tests the 'runtime'.  Also
then use the compiler too.  I've done some basic testing to ensure it
can compile WinForms apps (bug 333403 fixed, bug 333962 outstanding).  I
had little success with monodevelop and xbuild, so that was using
MSBuild on Windows to drive vbnc.  So there's work there too; to find
out what's needed, if anything, to have the two systems compile VB
projects.  Also try compiling various forms of WinForms apps, those that
use the 'single instance' feature, settings, resources and such features
in the special My object tree.  Also on monodevelop, does it handle
creating VB projects from scratch etc.

Then there's ASP.NET web sites and web services etc, they need test too.
As you yourself pointed out on this list. :-)  That tests the compiler
too of course.

On the compiler I see two levels of 'bugs'.  On the first type, it would
probably be very useful to ensure that the compiler can handle all
language features -- one could even start at the beginning of the
language spec and work to the end and hopefully test all the features
that way. :-)  However, 'error handling' isn't implemented yet, so, in
my opinion, it's not useful to create reports of 'bad behaviour on this
bad code'.  Easy to do, but IMHO not of much use until Rolf starts
implementing this feature.

I don't know about contributing code, maybe there's need for missing
features.  I don't know; according to the class-status pages the runtime
is complete -- however I think it doesn't reports which method just
throw NotImplementedException...


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