[mono-vb] "user the OTHER overload"? (internal compiler error)

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Mon Nov 5 07:38:43 EST 2007


This issue was effectively fixed some time ago.

The project you sent me did however find other bugs in the compiler, and
they are now fixed.

This fix will be in mono 1.2.6, and you should be able to download previews
later this week.

In order to compile the project in MonoDevelop, you have to delete the
resources (there's a folder in the solution explorer called "Resources" with
3 items, just remove them all from the solution). The problem comes from the
fact that they contain no resources at all, and when compiling the resources
(which is done by a resources compiler, not the vb compiler), it just ends
up with an invalid file (I've already filed a bug for this one).


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> Sounds like https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=325339
> cunningly
> entitled vbnc: error "Use the other overload."  Is there a AddressOf
> operator at line 44 in your code?
> It's fixed in the current code, and thus will be in the 1.2.6 release.
> There's a workaround for the issue too; add an explicit creation of a
> delegate.  Let us know how it goes...
> =======================================
> Hmmm... Too many places to search for errors I guess -- it didn't show
> up on my initial search of the net ("other" and "overload" are too
> generic of terms, even when combined...)  But to answer your question,
> yes, the auto-generated code defining the "database" does indeed have
> an
> "addressof" operation in line 44 of DB.Designer.vb (and two other
> places
> to boot)
> Since it is "code I didn't write", I'm not too fond of the idea of
> mucking about with it
> The line in question appears to be:
>    Dim schemaChangedHandler
>        As System.ComponentModel.CollectionChangeEventHandler
>        = AddressOf Me.SchemaChanged
> [line breaks added by me] (the other two instances are similar)
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