[mono-vb] "user the OTHER overload"? (internal compiler error)

Emerson, Tom (*IC) Tom.Emerson at wbconsultant.com
Fri Nov 2 14:42:25 EDT 2007

Greetings one and all - getting my feet wet here with mono, coming from
a modest vb6 background (and just learning .net), and as you might
expect I've hit a roadblock.

I have what I hope is a fairly simple application: a "sign-in" sheet for
LUG attendees [details below, for those that are interested]

Since I'm fairly comfortable with VB in general, I built this in the
"express" [free/beer] version of VB.net [2005] and got it running well
enough, copied the entire directory tree to my linux system, and
searched for what I expected to be the most frequent question people
like me would face: what next?  How do I "compile" this?  [my "command
line" compiling may date back to COBOL, but for VB I've never had to
touch the command line...]  Searching this archive did find a
"suggestion" of "open the /solution/ in monodevelop and click the
run/start-debugging button"

This resulted in an error about "system.deployment", but further
research showed that this wasn't in use, so was safe to remove from the
project.  Now, when I compile I get the message:

    (44,99)(error: there has been an internal error in the compiler:
'Use the other overload.' caused by the line)

And that's it -- no filename or line number reference for me to do any
further debugging... :(

[oh, and I should point out I'm using the "stock" version of mono
included on the OpenSuSE 10.3 download]


Program details:

This is based on something I remember from an OS/2 LUG that implemented
this in REXX.  The primary form has a text box to fill in your name, and
an "OK" button to mark yourself as "in attendance".  There is a
[readonly] checked-listbox control with everyone's name, and pressing
"OK" searches the list and checks your name if found.  If not found,
exposes (makes visible) a frame with an "e-mail" textbox/prompt and a
second "OK" button -- pressing this button adds you to the list and
marks it as checked.  There is also an area on the form devoted to
information about the current meeting [who the speaker is, what the
topic is, etc.]  A second form, accessible by right-clicking the member
list, allows editing of user information [deleting duplicate names,
changing e-mail address]

Behind the scenes is a (disconnected?) "dataset" with tables for
attendees (LUG members), "meeting information", and a cross-ref table of
meetings and attendees [who attended what meeting]  These are stored
(for the moment) as XML files in the user's home directory [loaded at
the start, saved when the program closes, lost if the program
crashes...]  Ultimately this will be replaced by direct access to a
mysql or similar database, but for now getting the program going is the
primary concern.

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