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>Warning : VBNC90012: Could not load the assembly: 'System.Deployment'
>Unexpected error: An error message should have been shown: 'The requested
featur e is not implemented.
>  at
ual (System.Object Left, System.Object Right, Boolean TextCompare) [0x00000]
>  at vbnc.ConditionalExpression.RuleRelational (System.Object& Result)
[0x00000]  '
>Compilation took 00:00:03.3377640

There is something that's not implemented in the Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll,
here the compiler is using it for conditional statements (lines like "#If ?
= ? Then"). Could you try compiling the source files one by one (you can
comment out all of the source files listed in the temp file by prepending it
with #, and then uncomment them one by one to see which one causes this
error), and then post that file here?


On 3/7/07, Rolf Bjarne Kvinge <rolflists at ya.com> wrote:

>I'm not clear on the vnbc command you want me to try.

Open a terminal, 'cd /videos/TankCalculator' and execute 'vbnc
Then you should get the output from the compiler, and post it here. 

>Here's the temp file:
>"/videos/TankCalculator/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb"
>"/videos/TankCalculator/My Project/Application.Designer.vb"
>"/videos/TankCalculator/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb" 
>"/videos/TankCalculator/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb"


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