[mono-vb] .spec file for mono-basic

Stijn Hoop s.hoop at tue.nl
Mon Mar 5 02:25:50 EST 2007

Hi Wade,

On Thu, 01 Mar 2007 10:47:23 -0700
Wade Berrier <wberrier at novell.com> wrote:
> The build process for mono-basic is as follows:
> 1.  Build Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll on windows using MS.NET for both
> 1.1 and 2.0.  Save those in
> mono-basic-[[version]].win4.novell.x86.zip.
> 2.  Build the runtime and the vbnc compiler on linux.  Then, remove
> the runtime, and inject the runtime files that were built on windows.
> The issue (afaik) is that vbnc isn't able to emit 1.1 assemblies, so
> we must use the assemblies built on windows.
> So, you can either build the runtime on windows, or you can grab the
> runtime files out of the noarch rpm that I build using rpm2cpio:


> Let me know if you have any questions,

Thanks for the explanation. I'll probably go with the noarch RPM files
because I don't like setting up a whole MS.NET development environment
for this single RPM.

Still, wouldn't it be better to put that .zip in a Source1: line in
the .spec file, and make it available on the web?

And lastly, does the roadmap for vbnc include 'emitting 1.1 assemblies'
so that we can avoid this rather unfortunate 'you need Windows to
build' step? (I'm not asking for a timeframe, just curious).



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