[mono-vb] VB Compiler

Troy Werner troy.werner at att.net
Thu Jun 7 19:25:29 EDT 2007

    I am a new mono user.  Took some doing, but I do have MonoDevelop 
working and compiling using the vbnc compiler.  I write mostly 
engineering type software.  Could be called utilities I guess.  I am 
interested in mono because the company I work for does International 
business and Microsoft isn't always  king in other countries.  Haven't 
had any requests for Linux support yet, but  I know they are in the 
future.  So that is more or less why I am here...

    I am having a lot of difficulty getting what I would call  a very 
simple program to run on mono.  I am trying to compile it on my Linux 
machine, in the hope the compiler will give me some clue as to what 
might need to be changed.  But the compiler doesn't seem to give very 
useful reports.  It tells me the type of problem, but not where to look 
for it.  Might be using compiler wrong, can't find any information about 
how to use it.  So here are a few questions. :-)

Are there any instructions for the vbnc compiler?  (Example of how to 
compile a Visual Studio solution from the command line would be awesome)
Which of the many downloads would give me the source for the compiler?
Does the group believe monodevelop is the correct tool for VB.NET on 
Linux?  Are there any other IDEs worth looking at?
Am I going at this the wrong way?  The programs I have compiled with 
Visual Studio, do open on Mono, they just don't keep running. :-(

That's enough for now. :-)


Troy Werner

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