[mono-vb] .spec file for mono-basic

Stijn Hoop s.hoop at tue.nl
Tue Feb 27 10:04:14 EST 2007


I was trying to rewrite the provided .spec file for mono-basic to be a
bit more FC6 friendly, when I encountered the below snippet in the
%build section. Apologies for the email mangling, for a better look see
the full file at


# Get both, one will fail, one won't
wget \
   http://monobuild1.boston.ximian.com/~wberrier/zip_packages/$p \
	|| true
wget \
http://monobuild1.boston.ximian.com/~wberrier/snapshot_zip_packages/$p \
	|| true

if [ ! -e "$f" ] ; then

unzip mono-basic-

My questions:
- what is this .zip that's not a source?
- is that the one that's used in the %install section, where a .dll
'built by vbnc' is removed in lieu of a mysterious other dll that I
can't find after building mono-basic myself?

Or am I just lost in a twisty little maze of spec files and assemblies,
all alike?


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