[mono-vb] FileSystem methods throw NotImplemented

Joe Mason joe at notcharles.ca
Sat Dec 29 00:11:49 EST 2007

I'm trying to run a closed-source VB app in Mono on Linux - I compiled
mono and mono-basic 1.2.6 from source.  It's throwing NotImplemented
on FileSystem.FileOpen.  MoMA gives the following list of
unimplemented methods:

void FileSystem.FileOpen(int, string, OpenMode, OpenAccess, OpenShare, int)
string FileSystem.LineInput(int)
bool FileSystem.EOF(int)
void FileSystem.FileClose(Int32[])
void FileSystem.PrintLine(int, Object[])

This seems pretty basic - there's no way it can be advertised that "VB
is supported" without these being supported -
so I assume it's a config problem.  Is it possible that it's not
loading the VB DLL correctly (which would mean MoMA can't find it
either)?  It's installed in
/usr/local/lib/mono/gac/Microsoft.VisualBasic, which is the same gac
directory as all my other assemblies.


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