[mono-vb] MonoBasic and asp.net

Arnhoffer Károly karnhoffer at ecron.hu
Wed Jan 18 03:09:24 EST 2006


Yes it is possible. 
(Of course you have to have a working XSP/mod_mono environment.)

As I know mbas is still not fully functional that is why you should (as Kornél Pál adviced me)
-use code behind (VB codes in a separate aspx.vb file)
-use C# as default language 
(in your Web.config file do something like this:
    <compilation defaultLanguage="C#" debug="true" />
-use C# as page language
(in the beginning of your aspx file: 
<%@ Page Language="C#" %>
It means you should use C# instead of VB in <%%> ASP tags.)

Good luck! ;-)

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could Mono (mbas compiler) run simple .aspx pages with vb.net code?



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