[mono-vb] Compilation Error

Robert Simmons mail at robertsimmons.org
Fri Apr 21 18:10:38 EDT 2006


I run a small web-hosting company, and have installed Mono/XSP/ 
mod_mono for a client. Their site is written in ASP but apparently  
uses some VB too. When trying to access their index (or indeed most  
files) the server returns an Compilation Error. I have pasted the  
error message below, and the link to their page is also below (for  
the complete error).

Error message: /tmp/root-temp-aspnet-0/ebecbf63/57888.0.vb(461,13) :  
error BC30524: Property 'TraceModeValue' lacks a 'set' accesor /tmp/ 
root-temp-aspnet-0/ebecbf63/57888.0.vb(102,27) : error BC30524:  
Property 'Context' lacks a 'get' accesor

Link: http://www.where-2-go.co.uk:8000/index.aspx

Thanks in Advance,

Robert Simmons

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