[mono-vb] Future of Mono's VB.NET

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Apr 20 12:36:52 EDT 2006


> Having it that way might make things more complicated then they have to
> be. I'm not sure how much of the current code comes from mcs, but it
> would make sense to just make mbas parse VB.NET code and then generate
> the appropriate datastructures for the classes in gmcs. For example, I
> don't think mbas should contain a 'Statement' class but should rather
> use the one from gmcs directly (rather then import it). That should also
> allow sharing of optimalizations. 

There are several stages.   As you point out parsing is likely going to
be different, and it will produce the internal AST consumed by the
"resolution" stage of the compiler.

Now, there are two issues:

	* The semantics of the same constructs might differ across
	  compilers.  In these cases, you would either create a new
	  kind of statement that would have the proper semantics.

	* The error codes will likely be different at various stages,
	  and you want to use the same error codes that MS produces 
	  (readily available documentation, easy to track what is 

> On a related matter - would you accept mbas-related proposals for SoC to
> work on "mbas2"?

I would, but the proposal should be convincing. 


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