[mono-vb] implemennting simple procedure (error BC0000)

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 08:44:57 EDT 2006

I can't reproduce the problem here, compiling your code snippet with
current mbas, on a not very recent Mono.

What versions of Mono and mbas are you using?


On 4/5/06, Nils Gotzhein <nils.gotzhein at debitel.net> wrote:
> Hi, i've got the following code and it won't compile
> --
> Public Class application
>     public shared Sub Main()
>         System.Console.WriteLine(System.DateTime.Today)
>         MyOwnTestSub()
>     End Sub
>     public shared sub MyOwnTestSub()
>         system.console.writeline("test sub")
>     End Sub
> End Class
> --
> I'm getting error
> Method MyOwntestSub does not have a method body (BC0000...)
> Whats wrong with it?
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