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Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 11:55:33 EDT 2005


On 10/28/05, Kevin Thompson <mrunleaded at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am curious to know if all of the tests for the mcs compiler have a copy
> that works for the vb compiler?

The syntaxes are sufficiently different to warrant it not.

>  in other words have the C# tests been converted to VB?

Initially, but for the last year or two, they evolved separately.

>  And how good of a test base do we have for mbas(is that the right compiler
> i know there was two a while back...)?

It may not be complete enough but surely it is already big and we
still have many errors to fix pointed by those tests.
Feel free to code more tests and post them here for comment, I'm
specially concerned about tests to exercise the late-bound and "option
explicit off" areas.

Some history: as mbas evolved from mcs it has solid behaviour for
"strict on" semantics, but we need to make it be as lenient as vbc for
"explicit/strict off".

Just to clarify things: mbas is the only vb.net-compatible compiler in
Mono, I sometimes cite MonoBASIC, but MonoBASIC is just the language
(a planned superset of vb.net) and mbas is the compiler, in the same
vein that Visual Basic.NET is the language and vbc.exe is the compiler
in MS' implementation.
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> Kevin


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