[mono-vb] "#Region"s supported?

Kevin Thompson mrunleaded at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 22:32:00 EST 2005

When i run the command:

mono mbas /t:winexe /out:editor-ms.exe /r:System.Windows.Forms.dll,
System.dll,System.Drawing.dll /main:MainForm ./vbeditor.vb

I get this compilation error:
syntax error, got token `EOL'
./vbeditor.vb(11,0) error BC30201: Expression expected
./vbeditor.vb(27,12) error BC30205: '#End Region' must be preceded by a
g '#Region'
Compilation failed: 2 Error(s), 0 warnings

Imports System.Windows.Forms

Public Class MainForm
Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form

Public Sub New()
' The Me.InitializeComponent call is required for Windows Forms designer
' TODO : Add constructor code after InitializeComponents
End Sub

#Region " Windows Forms Designer generated code "
' This method is required for Windows Forms designer support.
' Do not change the method contents inside the source code editor. The Forms
designer might
' not be able to load this method if it was changed manually.
Private Sub InitializeComponent()
'Me.AutoScaleMode = System.Windows.Forms.AutoScaleMode.Font
Me.ClientSize = New System.Drawing.Size(292, 266)
Me.Name = "MainForm"
Me.Text = "MainForm"
End Sub
#End Region

End Class

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