[mono-vb] History of mbas in handy patch format.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Sun, 13 Feb 2005 00:47:08 -0500


> The patch history surely helps.
> With my limited experimentation, I had a feeling that getting in the
> patches in to bmcs (as in merging) would be well nigh impossible.
> IMHO, the patches are going to be helpful only in so much as to know
> what has gone in to mbas.
> May I know the strategy that you would be adopting for getting in the
> patches ? Can I be of help some way.
> It would help bmcs if take up a particular VB.NET semantics and finish
> it in a single go rather than doing them piecemeal. It should be a
> policy decision that we would need to strictly enforce so that bmcs
> evolves organically
> Duncan if you have not already taken up conversions and late binding,
> I would like to start with the same.
> I apologize double posting to mono-devel-list. I would continue to do
> so until mono-vb starts getting more eyes ;-)

Using the historical patches is the only way of making sure that we are
not abandoning work that has happened on the compiler since it started.
Am afraid that other approaches like the one you suggest will just
duplicate work.

I want a low-risk approach, we already took a high-risk approach while
you were at Novell and you said it would be a trivial task to port all
the code, and it turned out it was not.

So lets do it my way this time.