[mono-vb] C# without curly braces and semicolons

stax0711-dotnet@yahoo.de stax0711-dotnet@yahoo.de
Tue, 26 Apr 2005 21:30:12 +0200


I'm dreaming of a language with the following requirements:

C# without curly braces and semicolons!

It would be a C# clone but with no curly braces for blocks
and semicolons to end statements but doing it like basic.
Blocks end with "end <type of block>" again like basic, example:

if a == b
end if

public static int function Foo()
    int value = 0
    return value
end function

Everything else should be as close to C# as possible for the
sake of compatibility assuming C# don't has other serious flaws
that would need to be fixed than. Curly braces and semicolons
is the thing VB people complain most and imho for a good reason.

If such a syntax would be possible I would try to learn about
compiler development and try to build a compiler. The reason why
I post here is I'm hoping somebody else likes the idea and helps
building such a compiler.