AW: [mono-vb] Just a small bit of information...

Jochen Wezel
Fri, 24 Sep 2004 10:03:37 +0200

Hi Rob, hi Jambu,

In the past I've discovered some trouble when you use some assemblies =
compiled with MS.NET and you mix them with other assemblies compiled =
with Mono.

That's why I wanted to carfully ask if these optional arguments are =
handles by both worlds in the same way. I only wanted to prevents us =
from developing a solution which works fine as long as you stay in the =
Mono world only.

That's also why I asked for my scenarion with my 1st MS.NET compiled =
assembly which implements some optional values and on the other hand I =
had a 2nd assembly compiled with mbas which should use the first one.

Maybe, I'm too carfull, now ;-)
Sorry for the noise...


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Hey Jochen,

As I understand this, that scenario won't work because mbas has to =
'post-process' that attribute.
But isn't that a neglectable scenario? If we can, we should avoid the =
huge task of rewriting the namespace, certainly before the 1.2 release.

-- Rob.

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> > So, we took a round about way to fix the problem
> > - A new internal attribute __DefaultArgumentValue is introduced in=20
> > Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices namespace.
> Will it be compatible with MS.NET at the end? Let's say we compile an=20
> EXE and the library with our optional value had been compiled with=20
> MS.NET...
> Thanks!
> -Jochen
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