[mono-vb] Overload changes

Bernie Solomon bernard@ugs.com
Tue, 7 Sep 2004 12:16:12 -0700

Thanks for the various comments - I have checked in what
I have which I hope is an improvement though more work
needs to be done...

If anyone notices issues let me know.


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> Please, commit it Bernard.
> I couldn't look at your patches, but I agree with Miguel. Better to
> have something new, even with some cracks, than nothing.
> Also, about the tests, I've commented sometime, ago: We will have to
> "multiplex" in all three scenarios : Strict & Explicit off, Strict off
> & Explicit On, Strict On (that turns Explicit On). Because lots of
> things get compiled and execute in one or two of these scenarios and
> not in the remaining.
> Thanks for your help with MonoBASIC. After helping us a lot on the
> multiarchitecture/multiOS front, I'm happy that you choose to bring
> your attention to our little corner...
> Thanks again,