[mono-vb] Help with Building Mono in Windows

Siddharth Bhavsar Siddharth Bhavsar <sbhavsar@gmail.com>
Sat, 30 Oct 2004 23:03:02 -0700

Hi all,
I am tryng to build Mono in Windows using cygwin(I know no other way)
an I am not able to compile it.
I followed all instructions mentioned on the web-site but it still
fails.I also followed the instructions specfic to cygwin givne on the
mono wiki .still it doesnt work.
Here's what I do :
1) downlaod mono from cvs - it creates 2 directories Mono and Mcs
2) run .configure
3)I run make bootstrap from mono directory.

My only aim is to be abke to compile the class libraries so that I can
contribute to the class libraries.I am not concerned with the "Mono"
runtime.So i guess thee entity of interest to me should be "Mcs".I was
told on IRC that there was circular dependency between Mono and Mcs
and so I need to first install mono runtime and then build the cvs
code which I feel is odd because if it was so why do we have the
cource code of mono and mcs together when they cannot be compiled
together .Why doesnt the website say that you need the "binaries"
(exe) of mono before i move ahead with building the cvs source code.I
dont know where the mono exe is available and the only thing I had
access to was the mono installer for windows .I installed that also
but it doesnt help because the mcs is expecting a different directory
structure from what is getting created under program files in
windows.Also adding the path of this install to MONO_PATH doesnt help 
because it still gives the same error that mscorlib.dll is not found
(in the path its expects it in)even though the path i appended
contains it.
So is there any way by which I can simply have the exe of the mono
runtime so that I can "install" it and then simply be able compile 
the source code of the class libraries   ? It need not be throught
cygwin But since its "make files" we are dealing with here I dont know
of any ways by which I can carry out compilation like say from  the
windows command prompt ?If there is another way please let me know.
Its surprising that the Mono web page says that "currently" the
develpment is for windows but surprisingly I am not able to find
people working on windows .Am I getting something drastically wrong
about Mono ?

Any help would be highly appreciated .