[mono-vb] compile mono.vb stack

Philipp Knecht ph_knecht@yahoo.com
Mon, 25 Oct 2004 11:32:03 +0200 (CEST)

hi there

i've tried to convert a great opensource tool written
for MS.Net in VB.NET to mono.

It's quite a straightforward O/R Mapping -Tool that
generates dynamic SQL (something like hibernate). 

It's located at http://www.npersist.com if anybody is

I had to tweak the source quite a bit and finally
managed to get it run on the mono runtime with some

(all errors were in the Microsoft.VisualBasic

next weekend i wanna make a second run and try it
against the newest mono.vb implementation.

sadly i'm not familiar with getting sources out of cvs
and compile them. 

can somebody give me a step by step expalantion on how
to achieve this? i'm using win xp pro and have
knowledge of c#/vb.net on ms platform using texteditor
and csc compiler.

thanks in advance



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