AW: [mono-vb] Inherits in VB ASP.NET

Jambunathan Jambunathan
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 07:53:38 -0600


If you ever come across such huge differences in the line numbers 
could you please open a  bug or inform us.

Error numbers that differ by + or -1 units are liveable and 
probably unavoidable the way the tokenizer and parser work 
together today,but such huge differences are totally not tolerable ;-(

We will also keep eyes wide open to catch this issue.

Thanks for the information.

Jambunathan K.

>>> "Jochen Wezel (CompuMaster GmbH)" <> 10/11/04
6:30 PM >>>
Hih BIB,
Make sure, that the problem really takes place in that line the
compiler wants to tell you.
Maybe, the compiler says there would be an error in line 13, but in
reality the error happens 5 lines later.
The mbas compiler has already got some fixes in this area of error line
output, but who knows?


Von: im Auftrag von Tue Doan Nguyen
Gesendet: So 10.10.2004 19:11
Betreff: [mono-vb] Inherits in VB ASP.NET

If mbas could understand the Inerits keyword in VB.NET ??
I compile the vb application and receive the error on this Keyword. If
it s the mbas's problem itself or my application has another error?