[mono-vb] Re: [Mono-list] vb.net applications on linux

B Anirban banirban@novell.com
Tue, 11 May 2004 05:03:18 -0600

Hi Ahmed,
As most of the posts for this topic suggest you to compile the program
in Windows with 'Option Strict on' should work. But still you might need
to do few changes in your program to get it working in Mono.

The scenario of mbas today is like this.
The work is going on in two pieces. 

a) Vb Runtime: Implementation the VB .Net runtime in Mono. A team of
four people (as far my knowledge) are working on this today lead by
Rafael Teixeira. Once this part is fully implemented your compiled
program should run in Mono without any hassle.

b) VB grammar: Rafael is working actively on this since long. Currently
I am trying to help him to combine all the pieces and get all the
features of compiler up and running.

We will really appreciate if you kindly try to compile your code in
mbas compiler as it is today and post the bugs in bugzilla. This will
help us to keep a track of the problems.

VB compiler is getting fuller and more feature complete every week.
Please keep an eye on the development. We will really appreciate any
kind of feed back from you.


>>> <aakef@os-sp.com> 10-May-04 5:47:02 PM >>>
I'm planning to migrating a server from windows to linux. However one
of the
applications is in vb.net. Its a fairly big applications so i don't
think its
going to be possible to rewrite it.
I know that currently in mono there's no production level
implementation of
vb.net available. Are there any other ways i could use this .net
application on
the linux server? Anyone ever tried to convert an application from
vb.net to C#
then ran it on mono? Any other ways?

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