[Mono-devel-list] Re: [mono-vb] VB Class status

Raja R Harinath rharinath@novell.com
Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:33:10 +0530


"A Rafael D Teixeira" <rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com> writes:

> Kudos Raja, you went right to the point.
> The problem is (besides the MonoTODO) that if C# doesn't have the syntax
> to support it, we may have to rewrite part, or the whole, of our library
> in VB.NET, or put an option in mcs to specifically allow such extension
> of syntax (Miguel probably wouldn't like that).

If it is just for us to implement Microsoft.VisualBasic in C#, we
probably don't need a special syntax for this.  We can have an internal
attribute named


And either 'mcs' or ParameterBuilder.SetCustomAttribute() can handle this
specially.  However, it won't work with CSC -- I don't see that as a
major problem, though.

If you want to provide a general facility for expressing this CIL
capability in C#, then, yeah -- it's a problem :-)

- Hari