[mono-vb] Implementation of Financial vb module

Rob.Tillie@Student.tUL.EDU Rob.Tillie@Student.tUL.EDU
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 11:19:28 +0200

Thank you for commiting it.

I will begin with the implementation of FileSystem this week in the
following steps:
- Reformat FileSystem and send a patch for this.
- Implement the four helper VBFile classes to support all FileModes.
- Complete the implementation of FileSystem.

-- Rob. 

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It was a timely patch and we earnestly appreciate the good work that
you have done.

Anirban and I have committed your patches and you should be able to see
your changes in cvs.

Jambunathan K.

>>>B Anirban 06/15 12:12 pm >>> 
>>><Rob.Tillie@Student.tUL.EDU> 14-Jun-04 11:44:59 PM >>> 
Here's a repost, I corrected all the formatting things and added the
messages to VBUtils.txt. 
No repost for the unit tests. 
Could someone plz commit? 
-- Rob. 
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>I've just looked over your patch from the formatting point of view
>-namespace Microsoft.VisualBasic 
>+namespace Microsoft.VisualBasic 
>+ <-- Line not needed 
>sealed public class Financial { 
>@@ -19,32 +43,331 @@ 
>private Financial() {} <-- Extend to three lines 
>+ public static System.Double DDB (System.Double Cost, System.Double 
>Salvage, System.Double Life, System.Double Period, 
>[System.ComponentModel.DefaultValue(2)] System.Double Factor) 
>Should be: 
>+ public static double DDB (double Cost, double Salvage, double Life, 
>double Period, [Optional, DefaultValue (2)] double Factor) 
>throw new ArgumentException ("Argument 'Per' is not valid"); 
>Should be: 
>throw new ArgumentException (Locale.GetText ("Invalid argument
>Also Tab is correct for spacing, however at various places tabs and
>are mixed, but only tabs should be used. 
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>Subject: [mono-vb] Implementation of Financial vb module 
>>Hello all, 
>>Because of the complexity of FileSystem, I implemented Financial first

>>together with unit tests, to get a feel for Mono and its formatting. 
>>It is largely copied from the MainSoft code, but I corrected a few 
>>implementation differences with MS.NET. 
>>Everything works like on MS.NET now. 
>>Because this is my first contribution, I would love to get some
>>what I have done wrong, especially concerning formatting. 
>>I used the tab character now for tabs, couldn't figure out if I was 
>>to use tab character or spaces. 
>>The formatting of FileSystem is pretty screwed up, could someone fix 
>>could I post a formatting patch? 
>>-- Rob.