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Eric Mutta Anon21h@yahoo.co.uk
Sat, 12 Jun 2004 20:08:17 +0100

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B Anirban wrote:
> Hey Guys,

Hi Anirban,

> I was looking after the bug # 59555 and trying to complete the
> AddressOf grammar.
> This is probably the Most wired vb statement I am trying implement in
> my last 3 months vb compiler carrier.

<snip VB code and some commentary>

> Now for creating a delegate we need the Delegate type (SD in this case)
> and the function name.
> For getting the Delegate type we need to goto DoResolve of Invocation
> class where the "overloadResolve" function would try to find out the
> method it matches. Since I don't know the type of the delegate I could
> not create a delegate till this point and hence not able to resolve the
> overloaded method. And as long as I don't get the exact method it is not
> possible to get the type of the delegate.

Whenever you encounter something like:

	SomeProc(AddressOf SomeOtherProc)

you can use the following overload resolution process:

* work out all the possible types of the expression "AddressOf 
SomeOtherProc". To do this, you create a delegate signature for all
overloads of "SomeOtherProc".

* once you have the above list of delegate signatures, you look at all 
the overloads of "SomeProc" and see if any has a signature that matches 
the types from the list.

Maybe some rough pseudo-code would help:

Work out the potential list of delegate types we can create:

   For Each overload Of SomeProc
     For Each parameter Of overload
       If TypeFor(parameter) Is Delegate Then
       End If

Work out the possible types of the expression "AddressOf SomeOtherProc"

   For Each overload Of SomeOtherProc
     For Each delegate in ListOfDelegates
      If delegate's signature = overload's signature Then
         PossibleTypesList.Add(overload's signature)
      End If

Now that you know the possible delegate types for the "AddressOf 
SomeOtherProc" expression in PossibleTypesList, you can follow the 
overload resolution process as normal.

> So, looks like I am in kind of a deadlock. 
> Any suggestion or pointer or fresh air of thought would really help.

Try out the above algorithm, I hope it helps!

> Regards.
> Anirban.


> ps : Normal way of creating a delegate is like this 
> Delegate Sub SD()
> dim d as SD
> d = new SD (AddressOf f)
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