[mono-vb] VB.NET Roadmap

Manjula G H M mmanjula@novell.com
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 21:37:36 -0600

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Attached doc gives details of high level pending tasks in VB. 

Anirban and Jambu will comment on details if required.


>>> <Rob.Tillie@Student.tUL.EDU> 7/14/2004 1:44:10 AM >>>
Hey All,


Since Mono 1.0 I haven't seen any activity in the MS.VB namespace.
the plan of attack?

Have people been reassigned / busy with other things or something like

Is anybody still working on it without committing?

Can I hack the namespace without doing things already being done at



-- Rob.

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To be at per with VB 2003 we need to have the following 100% complete -

* Types and Type Members - It is around 80% complete. Rest of the stuffs we should be able to complete as part of bug fixing

* Statements and Expression - This is another major chunk of work. Most of the things are implemented here. But we need to cautiously check each and every Statements and Expression.

* Attributes : Should be a small job. Looks like attribute classes are working fine. Only needs to make sure that it is getting attached properly with all types and type members.

* Source files and Namespaces - In this section we need to concentrate only on "Compilation Options" (rest of the parts are already there in place and working). Rafael and co. were doing something on this area for quite sometime. Not sure about the current state of it. But certainly quite a lot needs to be done here.

* Preprocessing directives : Unaware about the current state.

Only the high level names form the MS VB Spec are mentioned and jotted them as per the priority in the above list.

Apart from this -

* We need to write plenty of test cases to cover all new areas. Writing test cases by developer consume lots of time - Planning to give this to intern.

* Need to change the mbas make file to throw test case output in the XML format so that daily build can compare results. This is critical too.

* We have to have some VB and ASP application up and running by late August to start generating interest among Vb community. Once the community is active we can reduce our testing effort. In this process we may need to fix a lot of bugs. And probably at the end of the exercise VB will be in a fairly usable state.

* Need to complete VB runtime unimplemented functions.

Now if we want to be at per with VB 2005 we have following things to cover too -

* Generics
* My Namespace - Probably a only VB namespace having around 5-6 classes. This will be lots of work and mostly tough to implement at the same time
* Continue statement
* Operator overloading
* IsNot keyword
* Using keyword
* Unsigned integer types
* Partial classes
* Background worker object
* Autocorrect feature - This is a IDE feature

Not sure whether this list is complete.