[mono-vb] VB.NET Roadmap

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 17:31:25 -0300

>From: Rob.Tillie@Student.tUL.EDU
>Hey All,
>Since Mono 1.0 I haven't seen any activity in the MS.VB namespace. What's
>the plan of attack?

First I'm trying to kill as much bugs as detected by our nunit tests (shame 
on me I still didn't run the mainsoft test suite to gauge how many other 
things may be broken).

Rob could you run the mainsoft suite and post the detailed results, so that 
we can plan on dividing the work load. The only part I wouldn't touch just 
now is the late-binding support, because most of it's overload selection 
code have to be duplicated inside mbas.

I'm happy to announce that we will have the help of another brazilian: Jo„o 
Paulo Viegas. Soon he will be helping me organize the attack.

>Have people been reassigned / busy with other things or something like 

Seems like Jambunathan is getting inside the compiler because he reassigned 
to himself a bugzilla case that deals with the preprocessing directives 
(#Const) so he is probably delving into the tokenizer (mb-tokenizer.cs) just 
now. Anirban is squashing long-standing bugs and omissions in the compiler 

>Is anybody still working on it without committing?

Maybe. But I think that if you map what is wrong and missing, them we can 
reach each other to give everyone a piece of the action.

>Can I hack the namespace without doing things already being done at Novell?

If you want to implement (or migrate Mainsoft code) to mostly unimplemented 
modules just choose one and announce your intention here in the list, if no 
one yell at you in 24 hours proceed (don't forget that Anirban and 
Jambunathan work in India, roughly half-a-day away in the clock) .


Have fun my friend,

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