AW: AW: [Mono-vb] Mbas doesn't compile

A Rafael D Teixeira
Wed, 04 Feb 2004 18:27:56 -0200

>From: Anony Mous <>
>Interesting. How far are we with the original C# implementation?

Our alternative to ICU have some esqueletal implementation, lacking HUUGE 
amounts of data, and having lots of Wrong information last time I looked.

>That sounds good. Having to deal with the different modes of operation in 
>VB.NET is a bit of pain for writing compilers, but thats what hacking is 
>all about so it should be fun :)


>Is there any chance that parts of the compiler/supporting libraries could 
>be done in VB.NET? My fingers are itching to write code :)

No chance, having parts in VB.NET would only turn it into an island, and 
make team comunication harder.

Mixing .NET languages in the same project is asking for trouble, and I 
always advise my clients and students against it.

But you can write lots of test-code for the compiler. We need lots of vb 
code for it, and vb applications. For example, would you like to give a try 
on porting DNN? The BLL/DAL for now as the ASP.NET pages would stumble in 
other places (CodeDom).



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