AW: AW: [Mono-vb] Mbas doesn't compile

B Anirban
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 22:09:54 -0700


>What exactly is ICU?

ICU is International Components for Unicode developed by IBM.
This takes care of different locales and culture.

> Also did we ever come to conclude on how we'll deal with the C 
> sharp'isms in the mbas code?

I guess Rafael has already done some clean up job. Right now it would
be a quite big job to clean up the whole code at once and we have less
bandwidth to do that. My idea is to clean up the rest of the stuff as
and when we confront sharp'isms in any place. And for new code we have
to take care of this up front.  This way down the line we would get a
cleaner code. May be at the end we can do a code review and clean up the
whole code at once which will be much easier.

What do you feel.