[mono-vb] Patch for ParamArray parsing

B Anirban banirban@novell.com
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 23:07:13 -0600

Hey Barnie,
I found this patch ok. In fact much cleaner than the earlier approach.

In the mean while I have submitted few ParamArray related tests today,
which I received from one of our vb hacker Manish Sinha.


>>> "Bernie Solomon" <bernard@ugs.com> 26-Aug-04 5:32:03 AM >>>
In looking at overload resolution I found that specifying ByVal and
ParamArray together didn't parse. You see this in various examples.
fixes that and also changes the error checking for parameter modifiers
little by allowing more things to parse and detecting problems with
checks afterwards - this gives better messages on mistakes.

Any problems with this before I commit it?

Bernie Solomon