[mono-vb] AW: AW: [Mono-bugs] [Bug 63213][Nor] Changed - Handles clausedoesn't get compiled

B Anirban banirban@novell.com
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 08:43:46 -0600

Hey Jochen,

> I could imagine, the mybase.init is currently not recognized correctly =
as an "event designator".

I tried to simulate the problem in EventH.vb test under mcs/btests folder. =
This program compiles and runs perfectly fine.
So, I feel this should not be the prob.

Mostly, your machine don't have the latest patch. This part is working in =
my machine absolutely fine.
But I got another prob here

 Public Sub New()
           If ((ASP.chkasp1_aspx.__intialized =3D False)) Then
               ASP.chkasp1_aspx.__intialized =3D True
           End If
 End Sub

is failing in 'if' statement.

If you change the statement=20
ASP.chkasp1_aspx.__intialized =3D True
MyClass.__intialized =3D True
__intialized =3D True

It works fine.

The reason of the problem is, there is no support for the class name =
resolution for shared variables in mbas yet.


>>> "Jochen Wezel" <jwezel@compumaster.de> 19-Aug-04 1:29:21 PM >>>
Hi Anirban!

Year, this has worked. We're one step closer, but haven't matched =

Line 49 is the line with the handles clause; I could imagine, the =
mybase.init is currently not recognized correctly as an "event designator".=


Compilation Error
Description: Error compiling a resource required to service this request. =
Review your source file and modify it to fix this error.=20
Error message: /tmp/69007.vb(49,13) : error BC0026: Keyword this not valid =
in static code /tmp/69007.vb(49,13) : error BC0026: Keyword this not valid =
in static code /tmp/69007.vb(49,13) : error BC0026: Keyword this not valid =
in static code (0,0) : error BC30676: Need an event designator.=20

File name: /mono-dev/wwwroot/default.aspx

Source File: /tmp/69007.vb=20

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An: Jochen Wezel
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Betreff: Re: AW: [Mono-bugs] [Bug 63213][Nor] Changed - Handles clausedoesn=
't get compiled

Resolved and committed.

>>> "Jochen Wezel" <jwezel@compumaster.de> 17-Aug-04 8:34:25 PM >>>
Hi Anirban!

Ooops, now same script, but
Error message: /tmp/17553.vb(44,3) : error BC30506: MyBase is not declared =
with WithEvents=20

Maybe you'll find it as quick as the origin bug :)

Looking forward

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Betreff: [Mono-bugs] [Bug 63213][Nor] Changed - Handles clause doesn't get =

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Changed by banirban@novell.com.


--- shadow/63213	2004-08-17 10:11:34.000000000 -0400
+++ shadow/63213.tmp.3675	2004-08-17 10:38:03.000000000 -0400
@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
 Bug#: 63213
 Product: Mono: Compilers
 Version: unspecified
 OS: Red Hat 9.0
 OS Details:=20
-Status: NEW  =20
+Status: RESOLVED  =20
+Resolution: FIXED
 Severity: Unknown
 Priority: Normal
 Component: Basic
 AssignedTo: banirban@novell.com                           =20
 ReportedBy: jwezel@compumaster.de              =20
 QAContact: mono-bugs@ximian.com=20
@@ -45,6 +45,9 @@
 Should compile
 How often does this happen?=20
 Additional Information:
+------- Additional Comments From banirban@novell.com  2004-08-17 10:38
+------- Fixed and committed
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