[mono-vb] RE: mbas patches

Bernie Solomon bernard@ugs.com
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 16:00:09 -0700


FYI I am basically just getting to get some small
programs we have to compile & work so what
I work on depends on what fails.

I've added a simple version of TypeOf ... Is as
well today.

Two things I'm currently thinking about are:

- Handling this sort of method declaration: Sub Main(args As String())
(as opposed to Sub Main(args() As String))
- Performance of referencing DLLs - the current search
of all types in an Assembly for StandardModules makes just referencing
a big Assembly with no such modules in it slow to compile.

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> Hey Bernard,
> This is a absolutely welcome patch. Believe me this was in my high
> priority work list and I am absolutely glad to see that Vb community is
> making its own way.
> Please feel free to commit your patch.
> Plz keep vb list posted about whatever work you are taking up next.
> Which will save us from bumping on each other.
> Thanks.
> Anirban.
> >>> "Solomon, Bernard" <bernard@ugs.com> 10-Aug-04 8:57:03 PM >>>
> Anirban,
> Thanks for the email. Your changes did not
> cause me any inconvenience. Just happy to
> see things getting better. I don't want to
> cause you work either.
> I assume you have seen my post
> http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/mono-vb/2004-August/000226.html
> which I think fixes a few more things concerning
> enums. Is this OK to commit?
> Thanks
> Bernie
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> Subject: [mono-vb] RE: mbas patches
> Hi Bernard,
> I haven't received any mail from you.
> Coincidentally I also noticed some problems in Enum and fixed them.
> There is one more problem in Enum still exists, which throws exception
> on setting any enum member to enum object. Just thought of sharing
> this
> with you as you told you are working in Enum grammar.
> I am really sorry if my fix had caused you any inconvenience to you.
> As Jambu suggested, plz post any message in vb list which will help
> everyone to be in sync.
> Thanks.
> Anirban.
> >>> "Solomon, Bernard" <bernard@ugs.com> 09-Aug-04 8:48:34 PM >>>
> I'm curious if the email below got through. Can you confirm?
> I also notice you put in a similar change for getting typed
> enum members - but the second half of my change to
> implicitly convert to integer types when this is value
> preserving is also needed for vbc compatability.
> Anyway at the moment I'm concerned something is filtering
> my email...
> Thanks
> Bernie Solomon
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> To: banirban@novell.com; kjambunathan@novell.com
> Subject: mbas patches
> Hi,
> You may have noticed I have checked in a couple of tweaks to the MB
> parser. I have made GetType work for most cases and I made Is behave
> like =. This is basically so tests and other programs can use them
> even
> if their implementation needs refining. I hope this is OK.
> I also attach a bigger patch to make enums behave better and more like
> vbc together with a test program that fails before and works after. I
> don't claim it is 100% correct - in particular checking for Public
> etc.
> - but enums behave better than before. Other tests behave the same. Is
> this OK to commit?
> Thanks
> Bernie
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