[mono-vb] RE: mbas patches

B Anirban banirban@novell.com
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 00:28:46 -0600

Hey Bernard,
This is a absolutely welcome patch. Believe me this was in my high
priority work list and I am absolutely glad to see that Vb community is
making its own way.

Please feel free to commit your patch.
Plz keep vb list posted about whatever work you are taking up next.
Which will save us from bumping on each other.


>>> "Solomon, Bernard" <bernard@ugs.com> 10-Aug-04 8:57:03 PM >>>

Thanks for the email. Your changes did not
cause me any inconvenience. Just happy to
see things getting better. I don't want to
cause you work either.

I assume you have seen my post 

which I think fixes a few more things concerning
enums. Is this OK to commit?



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Hi Bernard,
I haven't received any mail from you.
Coincidentally I also noticed some problems in Enum and fixed them.
There is one more problem in Enum still exists, which throws exception
on setting any enum member to enum object. Just thought of sharing
with you as you told you are working in Enum grammar.
I am really sorry if my fix had caused you any inconvenience to you.
As Jambu suggested, plz post any message in vb list which will help
everyone to be in sync.

>>> "Solomon, Bernard" <bernard@ugs.com> 09-Aug-04 8:48:34 PM >>>
I'm curious if the email below got through. Can you confirm?
I also notice you put in a similar change for getting typed
enum members - but the second half of my change to
implicitly convert to integer types when this is value
preserving is also needed for vbc compatability.

Anyway at the moment I'm concerned something is filtering
my email...


Bernie Solomon

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Subject: mbas patches

You may have noticed I have checked in a couple of tweaks to the MB
parser. I have made GetType work for most cases and I made Is behave
like =. This is basically so tests and other programs can use them
if their implementation needs refining. I hope this is OK.

I also attach a bigger patch to make enums behave better and more like
vbc together with a test program that fails before and works after. I
don't claim it is 100% correct - in particular checking for Public
- but enums behave better than before. Other tests behave the same. Is
this OK to commit?


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