[Mono-ue] Estimated release date, access to repository

Miguel de Icaza miguel at microsoft.com
Mon Feb 13 16:37:30 UTC 2017


I can explain, it is a bit complicated.

Mono for UE requires not only the pure glue code, but also, we had to take some C++ code from UE and reuse that from the binding.   This means that the resulting code is covered by a combination of licenses, the MIT license from Mono, and the UE license.  So the resulting code, at least in its current form requires some form of “Only users under the EpicGames agreement” can get the code.

We could resolve this relatively easily, and we can look into that – Mikayla, what would prevent us from doing this?

The most interesting thing for us is to get the code integrated into the upstream UnrealEngine.  For this, we need to grant EpicGames the rights to redistribute our code and due to existing agreements between EpicGames and Microsoft, we need to make sure that the way that we release this abides by all previous agreements, or we need to amend those agreements.

This is what our lawyers have been working on.


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Is there any ETA on when it will be released ?
Other question, since mono and .Net are now accessible on MUST license, why not just open repository on github and let people contribute/test what is already here ?
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