[Mono-ue] Update on Mono for Unreal Engine

Miguel de Icaza miguel.de.icaza at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 19:03:28 UTC 2016


Earlier this year, at the Microsoft Build Conference, Scott Guthrie
announced that we would be open sourcing Xamarin's propietary stack under
the MIT license.   This also included relicensing Mono from the current
LGPL 2 license to the MIT license.

This opened the doors again for Mono scripting on Unreal Engine but we
needed to find the time to do the work.

Over the past year or so, Unreal Engine has evolved very rapidly, so our
existing code no longer compiled.

Mikayla Hutchinson has been heroically upgrading the codebase to work with
the latest version of Unreal Engine, and recently got the test suites and
the embedding working well enough to get our rotating C# chair to show up:


There is still some work left to be done to get back up to where we were.
This time around, instead of using our home-grown "validate the user has a
license via github hashes", we will just use GitHub built-in capabilities
to share the code with anyone that has access to EpicGame's repository.

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