[Mono-ue] Errors on installation...hoping to get some assistance

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 17:59:35 UTC 2015

It sounds like you're trying to apply the patches from cmd.exe, but it
doesn't expand wildcards, it just passes the argument as-is to git.

The instructions are designed for bash, which is included with msysgit.

Alternatively someone previously posted this cmd.exe command:

for /R "Engine/Plugins/XamarinUE4/Patches" %I in (*.patch) do git am %~I

Or if you're using PowerShell, I think something like this would work:

get-childitem .\Engine\Plugins\XamarinUE4\Patches\* | foreach-object
{git am $_.FullName}

- m

On 21 January 2015 at 00:44, Dwi Dwon <n.atkocaitis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm not too familiar with how this whole system works, so if I should be
> asking this somewhere else I'd appreciate some direction.
> I've spent several hours trying to get Mono running with UE4 to no avail.
> I've done everything up to Adding Mono for Unreal Engine according to plan,
> at least I think I have.  I'm currently stuck on steps 3/4 of the above
> section.
> I have several HDD's in my PC and I didn't want my repos on my C drive, so
> the directory to my G drive.  Being relatively new to using the git bash it
> took me a little while to actually get things working the way I wanted, but
> I ended up using the command "cd
> G:\UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\XamarinUE4\Patches"  and then simply "git am"
> from there. My reasoning for this was that the command "git am
> G:\....\Patches\*" was giving me a "directory not found" error. I ran my
> 'git am' command and the cursor just sat there flashing for awhile, so I
> closed and reopened the bash and did the same command in the same location,
> but it said a duplicate was found. This led me to believe I had successfully
> completed that part of the instructions. After this I decided to build the
> solution in VS the same way I did prior to putting in the Mono code, but now
> I'm getting 3 errors:
> 1. Superclass DefaultTemplateProjectDefs of class MonoTemplateProjectDefs
> not found
> 2. error code: 2
> 3. error MSB3073: The command "......Build.bat UE4Editor Win64 Development"
> exited with code -1.
> Any help I could get with this?
> Thank you,
> Nick
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