[Mono-ue] How to perform a clean installation

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Neither, the best way to do an install is to delete your directory and then follow the instructions (which is specfically for UE 4.4).  Right now Mono for Unreal is trying to stabilize on UE 4.4, and there is no support yet for anything except 4.4.  Any other version will almost certainly not even compile.  Once it get's stable on UE 4.4 I'm sure there will be an effort to get current to 4.7 or whatever is current then, but that's not yet.

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Subject: [Mono-ue] How to perform a clean installation

What is the best way to make a new clean installation? Just follow the steps for the 4.4 version and then upgrade it to the latest github version or just directly start from the latest? Thanks!
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