[Mono-ue] Mono for UE build issues

Kei Nakazawa muo at muo.jp
Fri Oct 31 10:40:16 UTC 2014


like many of you subscribed here, I received a download link of preview
today. Then I gave a shot of building and see certain build error on OSX.

I just wanted to paste the error lines on this list but I stopped:

I'm wondering about NDA I agreed for downloading the preview package. It
prevents us from disclosing internal information publicly (because of
course, it's a NDA). This list (mono-ue at lists.ximian.com ) is an open one
and anybody w/o NDA can access archives. So, if we strictly follow the NDA,
we shouldn't post details about build errors here. Instead, we should post
error reports to some bugzilla or mailing lists privately.

Do you have some guidelines?

Regards, Kei.
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