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I’ve received one of the links, but Azure tells me that the site’s not operational at this point…




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Hey guys,


We sent a few manually, and then we realized we could not do it manually.  


So instead, we built a little software that took a little longer than we wanted to distribute it.  We probably should have done it to begin with.


The download links should be arriving in a few minutes.


On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 10:14 AM, Jonathan Peppers <Jonathan.Peppers at hitcents.com> wrote:

Hey guys, we are trying to get setup to try this out at Hitcents. We already have an Unreal subscription.


When I filled out the form on this page <http://mono-ue.github.io/download.html> , it acted like it worked, but I haven’t gotten access to the repo yet.


Any ideas?


Jon Peppers | Senior Application Developer
 <http://www.hitcents.com/> www.hitcents.com


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