[mono-packagers] 2.6.7 Final?

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Jul 13 04:31:22 EDT 2010

Hi Andrew,

Patch didn't work...

touch ../../class/lib/net_4_0/tmp//.stamp
MCS     [net_4_0] mscorlib.dll
System.Threading.Tasks/Future.cs(59,52): warning CS0108:
`System.Threading.Tasks.Task<TResult>.Factory' hides inherited member
`System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Factory'. Use the new keyword if hiding was
System.Threading.Tasks/Task.cs(661,25): (Location of the symbol related
to previous warning)
../System.Core/System/TimeZoneInfo.cs(383,117): error CS0103: The name
`ValidateRules' does not exist in the current context
../System.Core/System/TimeZoneInfo.cs(383,32): error CS1502: The best
overloaded method match for
`System.TimeZoneInfo.CreateCustomTimeZone(string, System.TimeSpan,
string, string, string, System.TimeZoneInfo.AdjustmentRule[])' has some
invalid arguments
../System.Core/System/TimeZoneInfo.cs(287,44): (Location of the symbol
related to previous error)
../System.Core/System/TimeZoneInfo.cs(383,32): error CS1503: Argument
`#6' cannot convert `object' expression to type
System.Threading.Tasks/Future.cs(119,41): warning CS3005: Identifier
`System.Threading.Tasks.Task<TResult>.ContinueWith<TNewResult>(System.Func<System.Threading.Tasks.Task<TResult>,TNewResult>)' differing only in case is not CLS-compliant
System.Threading.Tasks/Task.cs(174,38): (Location of the symbol related
to previous warning)




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