[mono-packagers] Have you troubles with Mono.Data.Sqlite in 2.6?

Ismael Olea ismael at olea.org
Mon Jan 4 13:45:50 EST 2010

While building chronojump for Fedora 13 I've found a compilation problem
related to 2.6.1. I've tested against the mono live iso and got exactly
the same.

These are the steps:

        1.- set up a VM (under a KVM/QEMU infrastructre) and installed
        the live[1] system under a vm running machine
        2.- installed the Fedora SRPM Chronojump[2]
        3.- building: rpmbuild --nodeps -ba chronojump.spec  (take note
        all build dependencies are installed but with some SuSE names
                ./../src/sqlite/country.cs(77,38): error CS1061: Type
                `Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteConnection' does not contain a
                definition for `LastInsertRowId' and no extension method
                `LastInsertRowId' of type
                `Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteConnection' could be found (are
                you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

which is exactly the error got on Fedora 13.

We (neither upstream or me) have idea if the bug is really at CJ or Mono
side. Suggestions?

PS: had reported at: 

      * Mono's upstream
      * chronojump's upstream


        A. Ismael Olea González
        http://aduaneros.org, la ONG sin futuro.
        El mundo debe empezar a tener miedo a un planeta OLEA

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