[mono-packagers] moonlight 2 packaging

Ismael Olea ismael at olea.org
Tue Oct 13 10:56:07 EDT 2009

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 4:10 PM, Andrew Jorgensen <ajorgensen at novell.com> wrote:

> We're currently trying to work through packaging issues with moonlight 2 on our side too.  I don't think we have a draft spec file yet.

Hum, I think I could wait a bit for it :-)

> Let me describe the approach we're taking so far:

> There need to be two source packages (in our build system that's one project with two spec files and the same set of tarballs)

Hum, don't understand: so, you have at the moment some kind spec file for ML 2?

I don't matter if this is SuSE only. It could be very useful to me
too. I searched at build.opensuse.org but didn't found.

> You could probably do this fine with a single spec file but we don't intend to for SUSE.

Yep, that's my idea.

> Rusty Howell does both packaging and QA for moonlight now (I had to give it up when Wade Berrier left a void in mono packaging).  I have CC'd him here so he can correct me if I'm wrong on some point and so that you can work with him.  I have also included the mono-packagers list (you may want to subscribe at http://lists.ximian.com/mailman/listinfo/mono-packagers-list) so that other packagers can have an idea of what's required for this.  Moonlight is a hard build (not as hard as OpenOffice.org though, or so I'm told).

Yes, OOo building is said to be hell on Earth :-)

Rusty: if finally it's not a current spec file, when do you expect to
have something drafted?

> Hey, I thought Fedora had a "no moonlight" policy.?

Oh yes. A explicit Moonligh ban. The good news is we can distribute it
through the complementary rpmfusion.org. They use the same packaging
guidelines but focuses on hosting the fedora packages can't  (in their
view) legally accept.

I've propsed moonlight 1.0.1[1] some months ago and it's supposed to
be almost ready for being approved any time soon. So it'll be obvious
to start working on v2.

[1] https://bugzilla.rpmfusion.org/show_bug.cgi?id=436

OTOH my own repository is indexed by rpm.pbone.net so at worst case my
packages has potential to be found and used.


Ismael Olea


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