[mono-packagers] Moonlight 2.0 RPM spec file

Andrew Jorgensen ajorgensen at novell.com
Fri Dec 11 14:34:17 EST 2009

Attached is the final (or nearly so) Moonlight 2.0 RPM spec file.  To
build properly this will require a newer tarball than what is available
right now (there were some dist problems in earlier betas).  We may be
making the next RC available today or Monday with the final 2.0 sometime
next week.  In the mean time you can get my unofficial sources from
http://ftp.novell.com/~ajorgensen/ for testing purposes only.  Please
wait for the next RC or the final release before publishing packages.

      * This requires a special version of mono-2.6 for now, and
        possibly in future.  We know that this is not ideal.  Unofficial
        sources are available at the same location and official sources
        will be published to ftp.novell.com.
      * It also requires that the mono on your system be 2.6 (but this
        does not need to be a special 2.6, RC1 works fine).
      * You can see in the spec file that to build the plugin requires a
        built mono source tree AND an unbuilt mono-basic source tree.
      * If you want to link against a system copy of cairo you must have
        at least version 1.8.4.  Define with_cairo to be "system" to
      * If you wanted to build just the desktop assemblies (and not the
        browser plugin) you could use --disable-browser-support and NOT
        need the special mono-2.6 or mono-basic.  I apologize that the
        spec file is not parameterized for this right now but I expect
        that will not generally be a problem.
      * The ffmpeg switch for packman is still there but I do not know
        if it works.  Please file a bug if ffmpeg support seems broken.
        We have the downloader for the MS codecs so this has not been a
      * You will probably need to tweak the xulrunner dep for your
      * The %files lists should give a good idea how to organize your
        packages.  If something is unclear please ask me.
      * Let me know of any problems you find.
      * If you make an improvement (to conform w/ the Fedora Packaging
        Guidelines, for instance) please contribute those back to me,
        unless they are very distro-specific changes.

As always please let me know how I can make your lives easier.

Best Regards,

Andrew Jorgensen
Novell, Inc.
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